13 ago 2015

Leeor Kaufman "Sabras"

Leeor Kaufman documenta la vida en la pequeña población palestina de Wadi Fuqin, una zona agrícola, amenazada por el crecimiento de los asentamientos israelíes. 
Wadi Fuqin, a small Palestinian village in the West Bank, is a well preserved model of a traditional agricultural way of life developed thousands of years ago. The community has harnessed the water flowing from the valley’s eleven springs to nourish their fields. Kilometers of canals direct the spring water to storage pools and onwards to the many fruit and vegetable fields. 
Currently, this natural landscape and agricultural way of life is endangered by many threats. To the east, the massive development of the Beitar Ilit Settlement is posing an immediate danger to the springs. To the west, the planned separation wall encroaches ob more springs and traps the village in between the wall and the settlement.  Granted special permits, some of the villagers are economically forced to work in the settlement’s construction site. With few options for survival, these workers face the trauma of building the very walls that threaten their own existence.

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